Bella Vol.6 (A Sagatori family saga) #2020

Bella Vol.6 (A Sagatori family saga) By Kimberly Blalock Bella Vol A Sagatori family saga One by one the pieces to the puzzle fall into place this epic tale of lies and deceit become clear and yet so blurred The lines I cross are without the protection I know I ll need or the strength to
  • Title: Bella Vol.6 (A Sagatori family saga)
  • Author: Kimberly Blalock
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 371
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  • Bella Vol.6 (A Sagatori family saga) By Kimberly Blalock One by one the pieces to the puzzle fall into place, this epic tale of lies and deceit become clear and yet so blurred The lines I cross are without the protection I know I ll need or the strength to survive the destruction my past will leave me in the center of.
    Bella Vol.6 (A Sagatori family saga) By Kimberly Blalock
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      Kimberly Blalock

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      Kimberly is an International Bestselling author and has been writing since she was a young girl growing up in Kansas City, Mo Reading and writing has always been a big part of her life She enjoys a world she can get lost in while reading a good book A wife and mother to four beautiful children she decided she wasn t busy enough She spent some time chasing down fugitives as a bounty hunter then laid down her hand cuffs and finished her college degree in nursing.Kimberly loves discovering new music to jam out to and loves anything that s different Her many interests include Google, you heard it Google If you need to know any unusual or interesting fact she has searched it and can recite it Her motto is Why be the same as everyone else when you can stand out When Kimberly isn t writing she is playing superhero for her children.Have you joined Kimberly s reading group Join here facebook groups 35734NEWS LETTER myauthorbiz ENewsletteFACEBOOK facebook kimblalockangelFACEBOOK GROUP facebook groups 35734WEBSITE kimberlyblalock TWITTER kimblalockangel amzn 23xdYKA kimblalockAEMAIL kblalockangel gmail

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    1. DAMN YOU, BELLA Questions are answered in Bella 6 BUT shit just got real The danger that swarms around Bella Jax is far than you can imagine I m on the verge of a panic attack Bella s stubbornness may just backfire and and end up claiming my Jax This ending is probably the worst of all the previous ones Pregnant Bella is even stubborn and reckless I want to shake slap her around until she can comprehend how important it is to trust Jax Bella has done flipped my bitch switch.

    2. ARC Omg this book was a complete amazement from the first word to the last Bella and Jax s life is again our reading pleasure Kimberly was able to write such a powerful story line without letting us down Revealing such a intense secret yet keeping us on the edge of our seat Amazing mind blowing gripping This book was beyond incredible Everything I thought it would be and

    3. I read the other 5 books in a day and a half because I couldn t stop Than I had to read this one which not surprisingly was Amazing Again Bella is getting ready to kick butt and take care of her family no matter what is thrown at her If you haven t read them don t wait any longer I was sad when I was at the end of this one can t wait till the next one.

    4. I swear I freaken love this series It s one f my favorite series so far this year Shit just got real Can t wait for August if you haven t started reading this series you need to ASAP.

    5. 3.5 Stars This is my first time reading anything from Kimberly Blalock and I was super intrigued by the serial series releasing once a month Especially since it s a mafia book One of my favorites Since I m late to the game, I m going to review Volumes 1 5 together and make sure it is a spoiler free as possible Isabella Sagatori is the epitome of mafia princess She has grown up as the apple of her father s eye and has gotten everything she ever wanted That doesn t mean that she hasn t learned a l [...]

    6. Five stars isn t enough for this book HOLY SMOKES As I finish each book in this series I m thinking, there s no way the next installment could be any exciting and have me nervous about what s going to happen But, every book is intense than the last Bella and Jax are expecting their first baby and of course, Jax would go to the end of the earth to protect his baby and his wife Well, in this book he may just have to do exactly that This story begins with Rebecca his ex wife being back from what [...]

    7. No one can escape the past, not even Jax and Bella She s supposed to be dead but here she is sitting right in front of Jax His late wife wants to blackmail him into her bed, but why What are her motives and how does it involve Bella The sixth book in the Bella series takes us on a ride of betrayal and a hidden past that could cost them not only their love, but their lives If you enjoy suspense romance novels, then this is a must read Kimberly Blalock takes her readers through a beautiful love st [...]

    8. This series just keeps getting better and better When you get so sucked into a story and you don t want it to end, you start reading slowly You forget everything else and just keep going, just waiting for .Bella and Jax are a power couple, that you just want to grab and shake at times Their love is so strong but I am not sure how they are going to overcome the obstacles in front of them You learn so much in this volume and you are just blown away Rebecca is just a sleaze and wish Jax would have [...]

    9. I been hooked with the series since I read the first book and I would like to say up to this date of Kimberly Blalock has not disappointed me The recent book is no exception I love the revelation of secrets that s just unveil about Bellas birthright It makes me squirm and gasps and tell myself huh I did not expect that angle The story keeps getting better the author has able to sustain the suspense and makes the readers crave for the next book The character of Jax and Bella is both fascinating [...]

    10. Once again Kimberly Blalock delivers Bella fan s, hold on to your hats cause your head is going to spin on this one After the ending to 5, I had no clue what was going to be happening, where Bella s story would lead us NOT what I was expecting when I got in the book Bella loves Jax dearly and she will do anything to keep him and her baby safe, even the unthinkable What has Bella done Stay tuned for the next book

    11. I want this series to end but I don t want this series to end I want to know how it will all play out for Jax and Bella but I can not imagine not reading their story any So many I didn t see that coming moments, sexy as hell moments, and a cliffhanger that makes you say hurry up for the next book I love this series and look forward to so many books from Ms Blalock I received and arc for an honest review.

    12. Another great part of the series This was just another amazing part of Jax and Bella s story this story is so hard for me to put down until I finish it, When you can t wait for the next part to come out, you know it s a good one When it comes out and I start reading I can only put it down long enough to make meals for the family it makes you laugh, cry, on the edge of your seat

    13. This is Book six in the series, if you have not read the first 5 books you really really need to as this series is just amazing Hot Hot Alpha alert Jax Bella is also Bad ass I love her character.Well book 6 kept me on my toes I didn t want to put it down, I kept wanting until the end And Yes Kimberly has done it to us again lol another cliffhanger ending

    14. OMG I absolutely fricken LOVE this series Chalked full of suspense, strong willed women, hot men, and steamy sex scenes I love that each novella is a quick read with a cliffhanger that leave you swearing at Kimberly to get the next book out.The writing us fantastic and it flows seamlessly Told in both Bella and Jax s POV.Reviewed on behalf of Once Upon an Alpha.

    15. Wow With each book it gets better and better In this book a lot of questions are answered but new ones present themselves.bThe drama and suspense in this book was at a level ten I m super anxious to read vol 7

    16. Awesome book I can t wait till the next one comes out Kimberly blalock has done it over and over with her writing she is amazing love all her books I got this as an ARC and am very happy with it thanks for the good books Kimberly blalock

    17. Kimberly Blalock welds a very wicked pen Just when you think you have it all figured out she throws you with another twist I could NOT put it down I love the way Jax and Bella love each other, as if they are the only one made for the other I can not wait for the next one

    18. OMG Kimberley Blalock did it again, these books never fail to pull you in the story Just leaves you want the next book now, hopefully not long to wait for Bella Vol 7

    19. Amazing series Just when you think you know what s going on, Kimberly Blalock throws another curveball Must read series

    20. Enough is enough.This is like a song with no ending.We go from mob daughter with promised mob marriage To marriage to a different mob boss, a red herring FBI arrest that went no where, a dead wife who isn t dead with connections to nothing, to Russians that attempt to kill husband, kidnap wife, now presidents daughter, no not really some other Russian mobs daughter.I can t keep up and I don t want to.In the last few books I ve had to make allowances as people s names change, heroine goes from a [...]

    21. Jax and Bella have always been a powerful couple This book 6 is a sizzling hot book Kimberly knocks it out of the park by showing a different side of Jax I have liked the whole series and can t put it down till done Can t wait for next book.

    22. AmazingOH MY BELLA This series Saga is amazing looking forward to Book 7 A must Read but ya gotta read em all Five stars

    23. There is one thing that I am positively sure after reading six volumes of the Bella serial.That is if the pace of this serial gets any faster, and filled with plot twists that it already has oh and let s not forget the cliffhangers , I am going to need some serious braces to support my neck and some mental support please If you think it s impossible for a serial, and one that is being broken down into twelve parts at that, to have plot twist in each volume, then you are in for the biggest surpr [...]

    24. Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review, as well as purchased the book myself.This book sure gets down to the knitty gritty, and with no extra surprise, leaves us on a pretty serious cliff hanger The story feels darker, much darker, there is drama, suspense, and a few twists and turns that will leave you thinking What in the heck I m extremely curious to see how this story turns out, what h [...]

    25. Smoking Hot Series Jax Bella are so good together, Bella really rocks, she is so strong and loves Jax secrets and all Let s not forget about sex the scenes, Kimberly really turned up the heat in Bella vol 6 Jax s alpha side really came through, I liked that side of him Just when you think you know what s going happen, it all changes Each book get s better, can t wait till the next one This is the best serial series i ve read this year and one of the best mafia romance books to date that I read K [...]

    26. Book Bella Vol.6 A Sagatori family saga Author Kimberly Blalock Publication Date 7 25 2016Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars REVIEW This book picks up where book five left us hanging Bella is determined to find out who Rebecca is but that is derailed Jax is becoming someone Bella does not recognize No one will tell her anything and it s finally becoming Bella s breaking point Will Jax finally give in and let Bella know what is going on The Russians are really making things [...]

    27. Book 6 picks up right where Book 5 left off So who is Bella s father We are left wondering at the end of Book 5 and as this installment plays out we know that someone is still threatening Jax in regards to Bella, but we don t find out who till the very end who and why.This installment was 78 pages they were good, but left me wanting We kept our focus on Jax and his secrets Unfortunately, this was so short again a lot happened, but I really wanted I really need to see what happens next month wh [...]

    28. This series just keeps getting better and better Kimberly Blalock turns up the heat in this vol of Bella to a scorching hot level This story pics up right where we left off in the heat of the action and it does not disapoint New deicoveries are made and we get to see a side of jax I wished we saw often.If you haven t read this series I highly recommend doing so ChristyRadical Reads Book Blog

    29. Bella A Sagatori Saga A Mafia Romance 6 by Kimberly BlalockOne of the best series I ve ever read you are a great author I ve never v enjoyed a series as much as I have reading these you readers need to read these best love story ever written she s a good writer you will enjoy her work do yourself a favor and read these can t wait for 7 Margie Moran ENJOY I did

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