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Unrelenting Love By KaLyn Cooper Unrelenting Love Women in SpecOps Never until he sleeps with the most lethal woman in the world Alex Wolf would never believe that women could handle Special Operations especially someone like Kat with her soft skin
  • Title: Unrelenting Love
  • Author: KaLyn Cooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Unrelenting Love By KaLyn Cooper Women in SpecOps Never until he sleeps with the most lethal woman in the world Alex Wolf would never believe that women could handle Special Operations, especially someone like Kat with her soft skin, feminine curves and party girl attitude When he discovers her real job, he wants to protect her from the terrorists who would kill her, and make her his forever Katlin CaWomen in SpecOps Never until he sleeps with the most lethal woman in the world Alex Wolf would never believe that women could handle Special Operations, especially someone like Kat with her soft skin, feminine curves and party girl attitude When he discovers her real job, he wants to protect her from the terrorists who would kill her, and make her his forever Katlin Callahan spends weeks, sometimes months, hunting the most dangerous men on earth as the covert Ladies of Black Swan team leader Between missions, the only man she wants in her bed makes her heart pound and her body zing Losing her heart, and focus, could get them both killed Unrelenting Love is the first book in KaLyn Cooper s Black Swan series Each romantic suspense features one of five, active duty women secretly trained in SpecOps If you like the action packed stories of Susan Stoker, Gennita Low and Sharon Hamilton, you ll love this series.
    Unrelenting Love By KaLyn Cooper
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      KaLyn Cooper

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    1. KaLyn Cooper

      KaLyn Cooper s romances blend fact and fiction with blazing heat and heart pounding suspense Twenty two years as a military wife has shown KaLyn the world, and thirty years in PR taught her that fact can be stranger than fiction She leaves it up to the reader to separate truth from imagination She, her husband, and bird dog live in Tennessee on a micro plantation filled with gardens, cattle, and quail When she s not writing, she s at the shooting range or on the river.

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    1. This book kicks off a new series about a group of women who were trained in all the Special Forces groups and are called Ladies of Black Swan They work for a secret group of Homeland Security and when sent in they assassinate specific terrorist that could cause America harm I love series with kick ass women and Black Swan is defiantly that We get to see the women not only in action through a big part of the book but also on their down time where we see the vulnerable sides of them Now you may b [...]

    2. This is the first book I have read by Kalyn Cooper This is about Katlin Callahan who was best friends through high school and college with Alejandro Lobo Alex Wolf and Tyler Malone She married Ty who cheated on her numerous times Ty and Alejandro fought in the war together and Ty was killed Katlin hadn t heard or seen Alejandro in 3 years Katlin was trained in all the Special Forces groups with some other women and they are called Ladies of Black Swan and Katlin s code name was Lady Hawk, they w [...]

    3. Beautifully Romantic with Danger and SuspenseI absolutely love the ladies of Black Swan This talented team of 5 women are lethal and intriguing while in the field Off the field they re gorgeous, intelligent woman who like to have fun Kat is reunited with her old friend Alex and her need to feel desired as a woman is at war with the betrayal and hurt she s still trying to get over from her past This story is full of action, suspense, romance and so much Danger lurks everywhere even close to home [...]

    4. Lady Hawk and her Black Swan team are the real deal They are specially trained operatives who know how to handle and finish a high risk mission Alex Wolf, Kat s friend since high school, comes back into her life and things start heating up on the personal side too This book does not lack for serious action, drama, and passion I am most definitely ready for the next Black Swan team member s story.

    5. Love These are some kick ass women And the men Oh my Love through heartache, loss and found again KaLyn you weave a great story with characters I have come to love I want another story soon, please

    6. Book one in the Black Swan SeriesKatlin Callahan is Lady Hawk The leader of one the worlds most deadliest ladies assassin team On paper they do not exist But the 5 of them are kick ass ladies on assignment and durning their down time Alex Wolf was Kat s best friend in high school He also was her late husband best friend Alex hasn t talked or seen Kat in three years But all that s about to change Little does Alex know Kat is the silent partner in his thriving security business He also doesn t kno [...]

    7. I was given this book by the author for a honest review This is the first book I have read by KaLyn Cooper and absolutely loved it I plan on reading the rest of her works.Most men feel women can t survive as Special Ops agents but Katlin, aka Kat has proven them wrong along with her team of Black Swans They are an elite group of women who are government sanctioned assassins.Alejandro Lobo, Alex Wolf, is retired Spec Ops and now part owns and runs a nationwide security company He has known Kat si [...]

    8. Given by the author, this is my first books of Kalynn CooperFinally A kick ass heroine A black ops team leader, code name Lady Hawk What can be hot than that Usually everytime i start my reading, my first tought iswill the hero be my next book boyfriend or not But Kalynn give me something new and i love it.Reading this book is like watching action movie I love it Make me wonder are there any Black Swan in reality That is how good Kalynn create Lady Hawk I really enjoy reading it But for the rom [...]

    9. Wow, this is a fantastic read It s action packed and Lady Hawk and Alex have incredible chemistry I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story This is a second chance romance Ms Cooper has a very unique voice and one that I really like She is known for her strong heroines and Lady Hawk is definitely that I can t wait to read the next books in this series Happy reading

    10. Unrelenting Love Book 1I loved this so much Exciting from front to back, could not put it down Alex and Lady Hawk and the entire team of Black Swan and Guardian were so hot

    11. I received a free copy and am voluntarily leaving a reviewG Loved this book Katlin and Alex were best friends since high school and he was also her late husbands best friend They haven t seen each other since Ty s funeral three years ago Katlin is now in a secret op group of all female warriors who are the best of the best Alex has since gotten out of the service and started Guardian Security which Katlin is a silent investor but he doesn t know it They were also lovers back in college when she [...]

    12. I was asked by the author for an honest review.My favorite aspect of Unrelenting Love is the strong female characters I liked the idea of addressing the male female special ops integration issues with an all female team and the unique advantages a female team could have One difference between this book and others I ve read recently is that the words were mostly about advancing the plot what happened, what was said, etc There wasn t a lot of descriptions to set the scene, but that s not necessari [...]

    13. This story reached me on a level I wasn t prepared for and thoroughly enjoyed the journey This is my first book by Ms Cooper Her astounding story is rife with detail and has complex character development Her tale is a constant roller coaster ride of adventure In all my 30 years of reviewing I rarely run across a writer whose tales are so good I will reread it But I read this twice in a week and caught so many nuances in it and insights into the story lines that I will most likely read it again o [...]

    14. What a wonderful book and concept I love the idea of an all female military group that goes in, kicks butt and takes names I haven t read a book with this concept and I loved it.Kaitlin and Alex have a long and interesting past They have been friends and lovers For a good share of their life they have been intertwined I liked reading about these two because when they were mad at each other you could still feel the love was still there You want these two to be together because now is their time I [...]

    15. Great 1st book of a new series by KaLyn Cooper I love reading military romance novels and having it based on women instead of the usual alpha males is awesome The 5 Ladies of Black Swan are killing machines each with their own area of expertise Their leader, Kat aka Lady Hawk s, story opens the series It has betrayal, re connections, a sick stalker boss and lots of military fighting action.The characters are well written and developed When you finish the book you feel like you know the Ladies an [...]

    16. Fast paced story about an all female black ops team Kaitlyn and Alex are high school sweethearts but haven t seen each other for three years, until early one morning when Kat pulls a gun on an intruder and it turns out to be Alex Now Alex has reconnected with Kat he has no intention of losing her again, despite her job and their past HFN ending.Left with some unanswered questions re the death of Ty, though apparently their story will be ongoing in this series of books I hope that eventually Kat [...]

    17. Charlie s Angels meets Specials Ops makes a perfect blend for action and romance And that s exactly what Unrelenting Love delivers Without giving too much away, imagine a team of strikingly beautiful women who are trained to kill and do it efficiently than their male counterparts But there s a glass ceiling in the military, which keeps most women out of combat operations That rule, however, doesn t impact the Black Swans This book is a good ride Buy it David Liscio author of Deadly Fare

    18. Editing nightmare Although the blurb says action and alpha type women they aren t really Really no action to speak of Not enough descriptive writing to pull you into the book Need a new editor desperately There is just no depth to the characters either I honestly almost quit reading 50 percent through All talk no do Sorry If i hadn t already bought the 2d book I would not read it But for the authors efforts she deserves to get paid.

    19. My review This is the 1st book I ve read where the women are truly the hero They need no man to save the day I loved it They are badass Very well written with powerful story lines of course men who can love them celebrate them just the way they are I want , , Thank You KaLyn Cooper

    20. Kat and WolfThis took me on a roller coaster of a ride with all the belly dips and euphoric highs, and I have a feeling it s really not over by a long shot for these 2 alphas Love the ladies of Black Swan and can t wait to read of their stories, along with Guardians.

    21. Woman soldiersNever underestimate what a woman s love can conquer Wether that love is for family, humanity or her country which keeps those she loves safe I truly believe this story could be possibleif it isn t already

    22. Such an amazing story.If you like military romance this book is for you There is a switch though The alpha military are women They come from all branches and can out maneuver their male counter parts Chemistry is hot and missions dangerous Can t wait to read the next one.

    23. 5 Stars for Unrelenting Love by Kalyn Cooper I love this story but found it too short A really good start in introducing us to the very well written characters.

    24. Strong capable woman, alpha male, perfectGreat story, worth the read Action, romance HEA unbelievable chemistry I couldn t put this book down I loved every part of this story

    25. This author is new to me until now This book is a great read It is well written It is definitely a page turner I kept wanting Katlin is my favorite She is an amazing character Katlin has a strong sense about her This book is action packed.

    26. Kick A and Take Names Finally, a book that uses military women as the heroes equal to their male counterparts Not all military men are bigger than life and surely there are some very special women who are I will definitely be following this series As a former military woman I enjoyed this book as much as my Tom Clancy, and Bourne series.

    27. Absolutely Fantastic Start to a new SeriesWhat if their was a well trained group of Special Ops women such as Black Swan who could fight and takeout the enemy without any hesitation There could very well be such a unit who could do every thing that out Special Ops do and I for one hope that it could happen someday.Kaitlin is the best of that has ever been and is the commanding officer of Black Swan Her heart was broken three years ago when she found out her late husband was cheating on her, but [...]

    28. Seriously, is the rest of the series done yet OMG This book is almost too good for words, and I can t wait for the rest of the series Are there really soul mates destined loves Can friends really turn into And one of the hardest questions yet can military men really respect a woman as their Alpha This author truly captured the emotions and temperament of military alpha dominate men and the strength, and capability of dominant alpha women She also knows how to write so that you feel apart of the [...]

    29. Awesome readWow KaLyn Cooper writes a book about a group of women that are well trained all military and they take care of each other they are just A special trained group.Alex owns Guardian security and Kaitlin has come off a mission and guardian provides security for these women.Alex and Kaitlin have known each other since high school but they have reconnected do these two get what they want It s well worth the read for you to find out

    30. Tuff as nailsI loved this book being in the Miltary myself years ago I know how women are always underestimated when it comes to man stuff This book was an amazing story of how women can do ops even better than man and still be hot amazing women after I loved the love story in here too and how an hot Alpha man could love such a strong woman Can t wait to read the next story in this series Great job by this author

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